Seeing the Unseeable For the First Time: M87’s Black Hole

Black holes are a front runner for the title of the most mysterious object in our universe. Although predicted by Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and subjected to research for decades, black holes had evaded the gaze of Earth’s most powerful telescopes. On April 10, 2019, the veil was lifted. During a live […]

Self-Interacting Dark Matter Solves the Diversity Problem in Galactic Rotation Curves

Self-Interacting Dark Matter (SIDM) posits that dark matter particles interact with each other. In contrast, the Cold Dark Matter (CDM) paradigm states that dark matter particles do not experience collisions. SIDM was theorized to address problems on small scales, like the density profiles of dwarf galaxies being too dense in their cores with a CDM […]

The Milky Way is Teeming with Black Holes—Expect Mergers!

The age of gravitational astronomy has been ushered in with LIGO’s detection of three black hole merger events. The first signal came from a pair of black holes, around 30 solar masses each. The discovery was revolutionary as it provided the last piece of evidence confirming Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. But it also had […]